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We make a wide range of preserves, some based on traditional recipes and others which we have developed ourselves. Much of the fruit, vegetables and herbs we use are grown here at Whitestones and we also buy fruit and veg from other organic producers. Everything is hand-made by us in small batches to preserve as much flavour as possible.


Strathbogie Sizzler Chutney  - dark chutney with a hint of chilli

Traditional Marrow Chutney - sweet & malty with molasses. 

Dill Chutney  - courgette based chutney, delicious with smoked salmon 

Tarragon Chutney - try this mild chutney with a slice of cold chicken       

Coriander Chutney  - made with coriander leaf and seeds.

Porter Chutney – sweet and dark with Black Isle Porter Beer  

Blonde Bombshell Chutney – spicy with Black Isle Blonde Beer

Green Tomato Chutney - sharp & spicy (Seasonal)

Beetroot & Apple Chutney - a mellow & fruity chutney (Seasonal)

Hot Lemon Relish – a spicy sweet/sour relish

Plum Ketchup a fruity, aromatic ketchup sauce


Blackcurrant Jam

Cherry Plum Jam
Yellow Cherry Plum Jam (Seasonal)

Gooseberry Jam

Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam (Seasonal)

Red Gooseberry Jam (Seasonal)

Raspberry Jam

Strawberry & Redcurrant Jam

Wild Raspberry Jam (non-organic, seasonal)


Redcurrant Jelly

Wild Rowan Jelly (non-organic)

Mint Sauce

Apple Jelly

Apple & Chilli Jelly

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry & Orange Sauce 

Rowanberry & Apple Fruit Butter (non-organic) 



For salad dressings, sauces & marinades

Raspberry Vinegar - fruity

Horseradish Vinegar - fiery

Tarragon Vinegar - mellow

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