Special Diets

We're asked more and more about special diets and allergens, so please get in touch if you'd like more information about a specific ingredient or preserve. The listings for each of the preserves on our online marketplace include a full list of ingredients.


Vegetarian & Vegan

It may sound obvious but all our preserves are vegetarian and vegan. We don't use dairy or meat products in any of our recipes or at all in our preserves kitchen. All our ingredients are plant or plant-based, apart from the sea-salt in the chutneys - which is a mineral.



All our jams & jellies, and most of our chutneys are gluten free. The exceptions are the two chutneys which contain beer (Blonde Bombshell Chutney and Porter Chutney) since beer is made from wheat, and the two which contain barley malt extract (Traditional Marrow Chutney and again, Porter Chutney). 


Other Allergens

Our Hot Lemon Relish contains mustard seeds. Our Cranberry Sauce contains cranberries, which should be avoided by people taking the blood thinner warfarin.

We don't use nuts in any of our recipes, or at all in our preserves kitchen.




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 You can buy our preserves online through our BigBarn marketplace page. We almost completely sold out before Christmas and are re-stocking the website as quickly as we can. if you don't see your favourite variety listed yet, please check back again. To buy online Click Here

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We no longer supply shops with our jars, but to buy online Click here.

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