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We make a wide range of organic preserves, many of which include fruit, vegetables and herbs grown here at Whitestones. Everything is made in small batches, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are producing a genuinely 'hand-made' product -  it's a term which is sometimes overused in the food sector!


In our case, every single jar which appears on a shelf has been hand-poured from a hand-stirred pan in our chutney kitchen (and hand-labelled, of course). We also mature all our chutneys before putting them out on sale, which allows the proper full flavour to develop. Over the years we've won various awards for our produce - including the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence award - twice - and a Silver medal in the World Jampionship.

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Fiona & Fraser Wilson have been farming here at Whitestones since 1979. In 1999 Fiona established Huntly Herbs as a farm diversification, growing and selling organic herb plants. Anna joined Huntly Herbs in 2001, and since then the business has evolved to concentrate on preserve-making. We are registered with the Soil Association as both an organic producer/grower and as an organic processor.


We grow a range of organic herbs, fruit & vegetables here which we use in our hand-made preserves (tarragon, coriander, dill, mint, tomatoes, pumpkins, courgettes, strawberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, redcurrants, brambles, damsons, raspberries, rhubarb....), and we also buy in fruit and vegetables from other organic producers.


 Our preserves are stocked in delis, farmshops and cheesemongers all across Scotland, and we also sell online.  

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